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Insight into your company

Use bunker fuel business intelligence to answer questions such as where to buy, when to buy, how much to buy, how to buy, who to buy from, what quality to buy and how to expand credit.


Benchmark against industry best practices

Monitors and review transactional data against best practices and peers to identify the various “sub optimum decisions” that will impact cost if not monitored and improved.


Cost optimization

Having visibility of bunker fuel availability and when to buy it, is essential in the current shipping environment and only set to become more important as we head towards IMO 2020 compliance.


In-depth reporting & analysis

Reporting package provides you with in-depth analysis to manage your risks and costs related to bunker procurement and usage. Our expert advice and analysis is a way to ensure long term value creation.


Overview Video

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Risk Management Matrix

Our analytical framework measures a vessel and fleet on a continual time frame in order to identify and rectify “sub optimum” decisions.

Business intelligence for bunker industry with IMO 2020 compliance by maritime consultants



Data-rich reporting

Maritime consultants providing business intelligent for the bunker industry

We measure performance and risk management by detailed analysis and key areas impacting the fuel spend and associated risks.

  • Where to Buy
  • When to Buy
  • How Much to Buy
  • How to Buy
  • Who to Buy From
  • What Quality to Buy
  • How to Expand Credit

Depending upon the fleet size, ClearLynx Business Intelligence produces 25-30 data-rich reports with detailed and insightful analysis on each.



Where to buy

Awareness of port arbitrage could identify if bunkering in ports before or after what you actually stemmed could have been better choice.

Should you consider contracts in frequently lifted ports?

Are you bunkering in one off ports? This could be impacting bunker budget by millions of dollars.

Does a "bunkers only" port make sense or convenient?

Business intelligence for the bunker industry including bunker fuel availability



When to buy

Bunker industry business intelligence from maritime consultants

Are you getting enough notice from operators?

It is proven that performance would improve with more notice provided.

Are you picking the best day to buy in the 5-7 business days leading up to an ETA?



How much to buy

Are you aware of the ships capacity or the rationale for nominated amounts?

Are you Optimizing port bunker lift decisions by lifting more fuel in the less expensive ports?

Are you optimizing tank capacity?

Bunker industry business intelligence on bunker fuel availability



How to buy

Business intelligence for bunker fuel management including IMO 2020 compliance

We identify Bulk purchasing opportunities. Can you package more than one stem in the same port with same delivery window?

Does buying under contract obtain better discounts versus buying spot?

Procuring under contract saves time to place order and provides priority to spot orders.

Are you evaluating the negotiation skills or buyer and or broker?

Are you evaluating FFPS or hedging?



Who to buy from

Are you aware of all suppliers in a port? Are you getting full coverage?

Are you buying from Suppliers with supply integrity that meet company guidelines on compliance?

Are you using Traders (as resellers) for comfort in countries where suppliers are small and unreliable – do you know who these suppliers are?

Have you set KPI’s to maximize direct relationships limiting third parties?

Business intelligence used for bunker fuel management incorporating IMO 2020 regulations



What qualilty to buy

Bunker fuel business intelligence combined with bunker fuel quality

Do you use data from labs to run comprehensive reporting by vessel, port, supplier?

What methods of compliance being used for SOx, NOx, and 2020 Sulphur cap compliance?

Are you regularly reviewing Density and Water differentials?

Have you considered buying RMD80 vs MGO? In 2017 it was a saving of $25 mt!



How to expand credit

Have you considered obtaining increased working capital credit that is supplier agnostic?

Some suppliers offer discounts for early pay – with ClearLynx Finance Solutions there is no strain on cash flow.

By reducing terms not only do you sometimes receive discounts but you expand and refresh suppliers credit lines eliminating use of traders with additional margins.



In summary

You do not have to be a ClearLynx client to subscribe to ClearLynx Business Intelligence; we simply require certain data in a simple template to run through our analytics software.

The above services come at a low annual fee with high and guaranteed ROI.

In summary, how well do you perform against market leaders and peers?



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